Happy Thanksgiving!

It is almost Thanksgiving and while I think about the amazing country I live in, the yummy food I’m about to eat, and how blessed I am to have my family to celebrate with, I also think about the book that started me on this writing journey. The Light begins on Thanksgiving Eve, I also happened to finish writing it right before Thanksgiving. A happy coincidence that has always felt meaningful to me, a sort of nod from God that says He knew exactly when I would finish the book that would totally change my life.

In The Light, Bria and her friends are expecting a sunny trip to Florida. But as Thanksgiving arrives they are thrown into a world of darkness. It is in this darkness where Bria learns who she is. I think it’s often that way. In darkness, when everything else is removed, we come to realize who we are and just how strong or not-so-strong we are. Bria had her wounds, as we all do, but she learned she was stronger than she thought. I have learned that over the years as well, things I thought I would never survive, I have. Things that rocked me to my core have made that core stronger. Life is beautiful, even in the darkest moments, and for that I am so very grateful!

I am grateful for all of you as well. You have bought my books, given them as gifts, sent me encouraging notes or reviews, told your friends about Bria, Siena, and Azalea Rose and all those they love, and so many of you have prayed for me. I am so incredibly grateful for you! It is the thought of each of you that keeps me writing — you and the characters who demand to be written about!

As a pre-Thanksgiving thank you I’ve made The Light ebook  free on Amazon today and tomorrow (Tuesday and Wednesday) feel free to read it again and share with your friends. And because I’m currently writing about Siena and Luca I have also made the Awakening ebook free as well! If you haven’t read that first book in the Awakening series you should! The second book, Gifted, is out and I’m writing the third (and I think) final book of that series now.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

With Gratitude,


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