Video of Extraordinary

When I started writing I made a deal with God—I would write the stories, but He would have to do everything else. I wonder sometimes what He thinks of us. Probably similar to how I look upon my own children with love and care and general amusement. As I have continued on this writing journey, He has kept His end of the bargain. When there is a need for someone (even if I don’t realize there’s a need), they appear. The Holy Spirit truly has this under control. His role is most obvious to me at the moment in Extraordinary, my little children’s book. I wrote it because the illustrator appeared in my life, and I wanted her to have something to illustrate. Once it was complete, I thought about having it narrated or perhaps narrating it myself, but that thought quickly moved to the bottom of the to-do list. This is the same thing that happened with the narrations for my novels. I wanted to put my novels on audio but then decided it wasn’t the right time. God apparently disagreed. In both the case of the novels and Extraordinary, the narrator appeared. Margaret, who has done The Light Series and is currently hard at work on Awakening, came to me by way of her mom. Brett, who just completed Extraordinary, came serendipitously through a good friend. God puts people in my life and your life when they are needed. Our job is to be open enough to His will to meet them.

Please enjoy this little video of Extraordinary. Feel free to share it with your friends and family members. As always, my books are available at wonderful local bookstores and online from my website (use promo code MerryChristmas for 15% off), Amazon, and the new and fantastic GoodNewsBookShop (search under my name).

Happy Advent


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