Awakening is Here!

My newest novel, Awakening, is now available! Awakening is the start of a new series, with new characters, and new stories. It launched as a #1 New Release – thanks to all of you who pre-ordered your copy!!


From the outside, seventeen-year-old Siena has the perfect life. She and her two younger sisters are adored by their wealthy father and grandmother. They are removed from the world, living in a modern-day castle in the middle of their grand family estate on the majestic shores of Maine. There is nothing to fear—Siena’s father has made sure of that. Unfortunately, he has forgotten that the greatest threats can come from within.

On the edge of their idyllic property is a dilapidated inn built long ago. Thomas, the boy Siena grew up with, is drawn to the weathered building next to the sea. He is the opposite of Luca, the troubled young man who just moved to the expansive property. While Thomas tries to draw Siena closer to the inn, Luca warns her to stay away.

The inn holds far more mysteries than Siena’s family is willing to tell … but ignorance provides no protection.

I’m nervously awaiting reviews, so please leave one on the Amazon page after you read it.

I am often asked about the appropriate age range of my novels, so let me preemptively say I think Awakening is appropriate for those 12 or 13 and up. (The Light Series is good for 15 and up).

I’m so excited to share Siena and her family with all of you. I hope you enjoy Awakening!!!

Happy Reading,



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