Always Hope

The fifth and final book in The Light Series, Out of the Darkness, is now available on Audio. Here is the link for Audible and the link for Chirp. If there is an audio site that it is not on, please let me know! And as always, you can listen to my books through your library. If they don’t have them, simply ask your librarians to get them (this is very easy for them to do). If you have never listened to an audiobook and want to hear what all the fuss is about, you can click here and listen to “Before the Silence,” the short story I created to go along with The Light Series. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did!

I would also like to take this opportunity to say that what we are experiencing right now is Not the world of Bria and Jonah (I’ve gotten lots of emails and messages asking me about this). While our stores may be out of toilet paper and hand sanitizer, they are not lacking in food! We have electricity, internet, cable, hot showers, phones, cars, and our country is stable. We will get through this; there is no question in my mind about that!

There has been great pain and loss associated with this virus. We have all experienced this at some level or another. Great fear, anxiety, sorrow – we have all experienced these emotions as well. But I truly believe that from great pain, even greater joy can emerge. Many are without jobs, many have lost loved ones, many are currently sick and fearful for their own lives or those of the ones they love. It sounds trite in these moments of so many sorrows and unknowns to say it will get better, but I truly believe it will. Our spirit is strong. Our country is strong. We are strong together, even when we are apart. Humanity is beautiful, truly we are!

If you have not yet seen this video of the Colorado Symphony playing Ode to Joy – all apart, but all together, I encourage you to watch. If you have not yet finished listening to/reading The Light Series, I encourage you to do that too. In each book of The Light Series, I try to bring forth Hope. Even in the most desperate of circumstances, there is always Hope!

God Bless and Be Healthy,


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