Out of the Darkness is available for preorder

Out of the Darkness, the fifth and final book of The Light Series is now available for ebook preorder. If you are one of my many readers who prefer a physical book, then hold tight for a few more days. My plan is to release the paperback a few days before November 7th (the release day of the ebook). It doesn’t seem fair to make my paperback readers wait longer than the ebook readers to actually read the book!

I will be writing more about Out of the Darkness and my journey to it once it is released and I can sit and be reflective, there is a lot to reflect on. For now, I am focused on the nuts and bolts of getting it into your hands. When you do get it in hand be sure and read the dedication page. Out of the Darkness is lovingly dedicated to each of you!

And yes, there are more books in the works. This is definitely not the end of our journey together. We are barely in the beginning.



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