18 years later


18 years ago (yesterday) I walked into a bar (the bar section of TGIFridays) and sat down beside a cute boy who was sweet and shy. This past summer we celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary. This is a picture of us on a recent trip to Las Vegas. We were there for him to attend a conference, and I tagged along to visit my brother and his family. Together we went hiking at Mt. Charleston where we could still see snow on the mountain across from us (see the white splotches on the picture below). The 8000 feet above sea level had us more than a little winded and we were grateful our 3-year-old niece was there to slow the rest of her family down, making us appear less out of shape. There was also graffiti that shared our initials and beautiful scenery everywhere we looked! There is beautiful hiking all around Vegas, a gift to those of us who would rather not be on the strip 😉

IMG_1113I’m happy to announce a release date for Out of the Darkness, the fifth and final book of The Light Series, has been set. In one month, Bria and Jonah will leave their home in search of East. I’m hearing very positive feedback from my very early beta readers and I’m so excited to share the final part of The Light story with all of you soon! I’ll be releasing more and more in the days and weeks to follow.

Have a wonderful start to fall!


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