Sound of Silence

A common question authors are asked is, what music do you listen to while writing? I have always found this question slightly odd, or perhaps the question simply highlights how odd I am. Very often authors have tons of playlists for their writing. For me, I have silence. When I write I try and stay in the mood state of my characters and music alters that state too quickly. So, I write in silence, in hopes that that still small voice will come through onto the pages of my stories.

There are two exceptions. The first is the Sound of Silence by the band Disturbed. This is Juliette and John’s anthem. This is what she played for him when they lived their peace-filled life in DC and what she still plays for him, though she believes him long gone. When I wrote the scene in Into the Embers where she and the others are in an abandoned church, I listened to this song over and over again as I wrote about her playing the piano, trying to capture her beauty and pain.

Until today, I never watched the video. It fits the world of The Light Series in an almost eerie way.

If you haven’t read Before the Silence, the story of Juliette and her family before The Light, give it a read. It truly is a must read before Book 5 – which will be here soon! It is totally free and gives you a glimpse into one of my favorite characters, before she entered the world of Silence.

What’s the second song? I will share that later 😊

Have an incredible, Hurricane-free day!


Oh and by the way, two weeks ago The Light climbed to #1 all over Amazon. It was #1 in Christian Futuristic Fiction, #1 in Christian YA, and #1 in Christian Science Fiction. It also reached #2 in all of Christian Fiction and Christian Romance. Thank you all – truly!




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