End of Summer

Summer is over and I have to say I’m not super sad about that. I absolutely loved having my kids home with me and already miss them, but as far as summers go 2019 was not one for the happy record book. We followed up the awfulness we experienced at the beginning of summer, with my oldest having a major surgery. It was planned and went as well as could be expected, but it was still a major downer. The poor guy couldn’t swim for 2 months and had to eat mushy food for almost as long. He is the most resilient kid I’ve ever met, so he did really well with it. He did, however, remind me fairly often that I ruined his summer. I don’t blame him – I pretty much did. All I could do was tell him that when he was older, he’d be happy we did the surgery now, and that sometimes life is just tough. And sometimes it just is… eventually those times pass!

He is now all better and both of my boys are happily back at school and I am happily at my desk doing all the things I’ve been needing to do but haven’t. The first on the list is to tell you all that Book 5 of The Light Series is now in editing and the cover artist is working on a design! I’m super hopeful I will have a cover to show you in a few weeks and a finished book to release in a few months! This is the last planned book in that series, so I have tried to answer every possible question you may have (maybe even some you didn’t know to ask) and not leave you hanging at all! Hopefully, I accomplished my goal.

I have heard from lots of you that don’t want The Light Series to end. I’m so grateful to each of you for caring so much about Bria and Jonah and all their loved ones!! All I can say is it is possible, in a few years, that I might pick that series up again. But for now I’m excited to introduce you to a new series, with wonderful new characters, that I think you’ll love just as much. Once I release Book 5, I will have a better idea of when the first book in the new series will be out and will let you know.

One thing I did actually manage to get done during the summer was to publish From the Shadows as an Audiobook – I was just too busy to tell you all about it – sorry about that! Here’s the link for Audible. As always my audiobooks are available at every audiobook retailer, all libraries in the US (that offer audiobooks), and lots of libraries in Canada.

As a back to school/end of summer bonus The Light ebook is on sale this week for 99 cents and Through the Ashes ebook is on sale for 1.99, so by all means scoop those up and tell your friends! The Light sale started today (Monday) and Through the Ashes starts at midnight tonight.

I hope you all have a beautiful end to summer!


ps If you haven’t already left a review for my books on Amazon, will you please take a moment and do so. Good reviews help my books reach sooooo many more readers!! You can use the links for the various books above and scroll to the bottom of the amazon page. You’ll see the other reviews and on the left a button that says Write a Customer Review, click it, and write a short review. Thank you so much in advance!!

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