Free copy of The Light


In honor of lazy summer days (I’m told some people have those!) I wanted to give you a Free ebook copy of The Light. Find out why reviewers say:

This book pulled me into the storyline in a way I haven’t had a book do in a long time. I did not want to put it down! I not only fell in love with the story and characters, but the way it challenged me to think about the question the author poses, “who do you become when the world falls away.” You will find love, suspense, faith, adventure, darkness and light in the pages of the book. The author weaves it all together and more into a beautiful story. You should go ahead and purchase the sequel along with this one- you won’t want to wait to read more!

I couldn’t put this book down! Fell in love with the story, deeply invested in the characters, and found myself reflecting on my life, mistakes, and faith. A great lesson on forgiveness – of others and oneself. 

Want an action-packed, character-driven book with very real problems (and one major problem that we can only hope remains fictional)? Look no further than The Light. I loved it from the first scene. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

Already read it? Awesome! Pass this on to those you love and want to share some amazing characters with! The link will be good for one week only!! So pass it on now!



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