Thank You

Thank you for the incredible love, support, and prayers you all have offered on my family’s behalf. This has been a difficult time and your prayers have been what has gotten us through. Never did we expect to be where we are.

When you adopt from China you are “matched” with a child by your agency based on your specifications (e.g. age, gender, medical needs you are comfortable with). Once we were matched with this little one, we were given a basic file about her and her needs. There were some concerns but there was lots of contradictory information. We know from experience that files often look worse than they are and once kids are home they flourish. We have two beautiful examples of that playing in the next room! When we met this beautiful girl, we realized that the file had not over-estimated her needs, but underestimated them to the point that we were concerned she would not survive the trip back to the United States.

I have never thought for a moment that the orphanages in China have ever intentionally misrepresented a child’s needs. After being in this little one’s local children’s hospital and healing home, I am even more convinced of this. They simply do not know what they are looking at. I do not mean for that to sound as condescending as it does. I did much of my training in children’s hospitals and as a mom have spent a fair amount of time in children’s hospitals and with specialists. I cannot begin to describe how drastically different those experiences have been from the experience we had while in China. I won’t describe it here. All I will say is those of us in the US are blessed. I understand our medical system has serious issues, but we are blessed!

During our last few hours with her, our only thought was about getting her back to her healing home as quickly as possible. She was happy there, and that was what mattered most in keeping her safe. Our tears started after we left, when we were free to mourn all we were walking away from.

We pray for her constantly and are doing what little we can to try and help her from afar. We are sure her forever family is anxiously awaiting her, and we are praying that they will have more medical training than us or specialists on call ready to help get her home safely.

We are grateful we were able to hold her and care for her for the 2 ½ days we had her. Please continue to keep her and her forever family in your prayers! Thank you for all you have already done for my little family. Your prayers continue to be a tremendous gift!

God Bless,


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