Major Life Interruption

img_0435In August of 2017 after many months and a few years of prayer and discernment my husband and I decided to, once again, embark on the journey of adoption. Everyone always says girls are more complicated, so I suppose there’s no reason why adopting a girl should not also be more complicated. And it has been! Maybe someday I will write more about the path to all 3 of my kids, but today I am simply inviting you along on the final stage of this one – the journey to bring our daughter home.

Very shortly Daniel and I will be leaving our home in Florida for the Anhui Province of China, where our daughter is waiting for us, though probably not as anxiously as we are waiting for her! In China social media is blocked but my blog should be accessible. At least part of the time. And though I am an extremely private person, and I fully respect that my kids’ stories are their stories, I am inviting you along on this two-week journey. So you can witness the beauty of adoption, of China, and of her people.

Life is beautiful,


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