It’s been about six months since I released Into the Embers and I am hearing often from readers asking when the Fifth and Final Book of The Light series is going to be out. I love this question!! Here is the answer – I don’t know 😊 But here’s what I do know:

I have completed the first draft for Book 5 – Yay!!

And I have completed the first draft for Book 1 in a new series – I think the name of that book is Awakening and I am super excited about it. If you read my blog from a few months ago you’ll remember these new characters were getting pretty loud in my head, so I had to give them the floor. The first draft of Awakening was complete in February. Since then I’ve been working on Book 5 (title unknown).

I’m really happy with Book 5 so far, and the next step is the funnest. This is when I get to worry less about plot and more about layers and characters and thoughts and feelings. All of the things I totally love! After that second draft is complete, I’ll begin showing it to others like my husband, my developmental editor, and a few friends that are good at being critical. After those changes are made it goes to my editor for two passes. And then to You! That sounds like a lot, and it is, but without any major life interruptions it should be done in a few months.

The super exciting thing is… I’m hoping and praying for a particular major life interruption! I’m not quite ready to share that with you, but hopefully soon. If I’m blessed enough to be so interrupted, I’m thinking Book 5 will be out this fall. Awakening shouldn’t be too far behind that.

In the meantime the Audiobook of Book 3 – From the Shadows  – is currently being produced and I expect that to be complete very soon. Probably by the end of this month and then out to you in May. What’s super cool about my audiobooks is you can listen to them totally free from just about any library system in the world. They are also on Audible and Kobo and every other platform I can put them on. So listen away!

Thank you all so much for your support, encouragement, love and prayers! Please keep them coming!! Have a wonderful April!


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