Into the Embers is Live and #1

The kindle version of Into the Embers, accidentally, went live yesterday. It’s tricky to get the timing right and I was about 8 hours off. Once that happened I quickly sent an email to those readers who are my biggest supporters. Here’s the link to join that mailing list. And just from that small portion of my mailing list (less than 5% of my actual list) Into the Embers has been designated by Amazon as a #1 Best Seller. Happy Dance going on in the Brown household this morning – not really it’s too early and I’m not a coffee drinker or a dancer, but internally there is a definite happy dance happening 🙂

Thank you to those who have already bought it! You are seriously helping this little series gain some very big momentum! For the rest of you and those who prefer paperbacks here are the links!

Here is the link specifically for Kindle (Kindle by the way is a free app that you can download onto any device.)

Here is the link for paperback on Amazon. Eventually the kindle and paperback will be linked but it takes Amazon a few days to do this.

Here is the link for all stores (including Amazon, Kobo, BN, Apple). I will get Google Play up later today and this link will work for it once I get it uploaded.

Thanks y’all and don’t forget to leave reviews after you read it! This makes the platforms (e.g., Amazon, Kobo, BN) show it to other readers. Think of reviews as shelf placement. The better the reviews, the better the shelf placement.

I hope you have a beautiful day filled with lots of reading 😉


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