Dreams of Beauty

I had a dream about a person I know who is very physically attractive. In the dream the person looked nothing like they do in this world. Their face was deformed and almost melted looking with bones moved and flesh loose. A voice told me that this is how this person truly looks, sort of the state of their soul. I do not know that this dream meant anything, but it was unsettling and still is more than a year later. I worry for this person, and all the rest of us who misguidedly focus on the beauty we see with our eyes. For those of us who are Christian (and many other religions) we are told that outward appearance does not matter, that God sees what is in our hearts, and yet I have spent far more time worrying about the state of my physical beauty then the state of my heart. The world tells us it is our youth, beauty, and possessions that matter most, God tells us the opposite. Who do we believe?

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