First “Random Thoughts”

I’ve had a hard time deciding what this first random thoughts entry should be about. Should it be about the challenges of publishing for the first time, the beautiful eggplant I’m growing, the heartaches friends are experiencing and me to some extent with them, or maybe about The Light and how I am both excited and terrified for the general public to read it. I think what I am feeling most right now is blessed. Though my heart is breaking for several I love, I take comfort in knowing that God has a plan. I have no idea what it is. Every time I think I know, I am proved wrong, but I trust that in the end it is to bring his children to him. I trust that he loves us more than we could ever love or ever imagine loving. When sorrow and pain threaten to destroy us, we must cry out in our anguish and know that even if the response is silence, it is never absence.

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