The Light – Preview

Bria Ford, a college student with a distant wealthy father and the seemingly perfect boyfriend, is driving to Florida with her three best friends, but they never arrive.

In the predawn hours of Thanksgiving, a bright light flashes and everything electronic stops. Stranded on a frozen highway, the group’s only hope rests in two strangers; the handsome Jonah Page and his sister. The strangers lead the way as the six of them battle freezing temperatures, dehydration, and hunger to make it to the Page family home in rural North Carolina. Once there, their lives become a battle against both nature and those who try to take their lives.

In the midst of trying to survive in a world she has never known, Bria discovers that her life was based on lies, and these strangers know the truth. In this first book of The Light Trilogy, Bria must learn who she is, find a way to forgive, and open her heart to those who love her.

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